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Leprechauns hit hard by recession

March 28, 2009

Even though it was just St. Patty’s Day, leprechauns have nothing to dance around about. They too are feeling the affects of the recession: No more gold at the end of the rainbow. Jason Erdkamp broke the story after taking this shot with his iPhone.

iPhoto by Jason Erdkamp

iPhoto by Jason Erdkamp


10 things the new iPhone OS should have

March 12, 2009

PC Mag has a list of 10 things that the iPhone’s 3.0 OS should have. And we tend to agree with all of it so we just copied it and pasted.

10.) Cut and paste. This is painfully obvious. Cut and paste is a core Apple feature, all the way back to the first Mac, and it’s something everyone expects in text editing. When the iPhone 3G launched, Apple’s Greg Joswiak told me that Apple didn’t have anything against cut and paste, they just hadn’t gotten around to it. It’s time.

9.) MMS support. No one has ever been able to explain to me why Apple disdains picture messaging. MMS support is a no-brainer.

8.) A shared sandbox. iPhone apps each run in their own little data space, which is great for security but awful for apps that want to work on the same data (like an office program trying to read e-mail attachments.) Apple needs to build a shared data area that apps can drop “public” files into.

7.) Some background functionality. Maybe it’s push notifications, like Apple promised a year ago. Maybe it’s true background tasks. In any case, it’s absolutely silly that instant messaging apps, Twitter apps, and such have no way of telling you that you have new messages while you’re doing something else.

6.) Wireless stereo. Steve Jobs rightfully disdains Bluetooth stereo audio because it generally sounds awful. But there have been a lot of innovations in wireless stereo recently, and whatever technology Apple chooses to bless would instantly become the leader. Whether Apple goes with Kleer, one of the new lossless Bluetooth stereo codecs or something totally new, it’s time to free us from the tangle of headset cords.

5.) Better power management. The iPhone burns through battery because it’s used more heavily, and in more different ways, than any other device. That means many iPhone owners feel their phones have relatively short battery life. Since Apple will never allow a replaceable battery, let’s suggest some smarter power-management software to keep the phone going for longer on a charge.

4.) Better home screen customization. Let’s be able to throw away the default icons, like that stupid stock widget. And let’s be able to fully theme our iPhones, the way the illicit WinterBoard program lets hackers do.

3.) Video recording (and a better photo app). We know the iPhone can record video, because various people have hacked its software to do so. Time for that feature to become official. Also, would it hurt the photo app to have a settings panel, for folks who want to be able to play with things like picture resolution and night-shot mode? And the home button should be the shutter.

2.) Tethering. AT&T lets you use a wide variety of smart phones as modems for your laptop, with the appropriate service plan. It’s never been clear why the iPhone was left off the list. Apple and AT&T should fix the problem with iPhone 3.0.

1.) Breaking the AT&T agreement. In two years of covering the iPhone, the number one complaint I’ve heard from iPhone owners of all stripes is about AT&T service. I know it’s a hopeless dream, but I’d love Steve Jobs to get up on a stage in Cupertino and cry, “iPhones for everyone!”


You may not know it, but Apple owns you

March 10, 2009

Even though you went out and bought an iPhone, Apple claims it still owns the software your phone runs on. Therefore, jailbreaking your iPhone is illegal. And if jailbreaking is illegal, then Cydia and any other virtual store selling apps must be illegal too. I think we all know where this is going. Apple doesn’t want users buying apps from any place other than the app store.

And why should they? They have created a dominant marketplace where they not only get to control what apps are approved, they get to take 30% of the sales to boot. But if you’re an app developer, frustration is rising. You can spend lots of time and money developing an app only to be rejected, and if you are accepted you have to fork over some of the profits.

This one may land in the courts. TechSpot has more.


iPhone Booster

January 19, 2009

wilsoniboosterWilson Electronics just came out with this iPhone Booster at CES 2009.

So, I guess this hooks up to your car and utilizes an external vehicular antenna to boost your cell signal and get your through dead spots. Pretty neat. It also works with Blackberry’s but we really don’t care. We like iPhones.

There is a review here.