No more Bluetooth for iPhone?

March 23, 2009

Thanks to our good friends at AppleInsider.com (they have no idea who we are), we found out that it appears that Apple will be discontinuing their Bluetooth headset. A couple of our their astute readers pointed it out to us them.

Check out the picture:



MovieWedge: the glorified bean bag

March 20, 2009

On Twitter today (are you on? follow me @Lindsey651) I saw someone giving away a MovieWedge “iPhone stand.” I have never had the need for a stand, but I also don’t watch movies on the iPhone. And when watching YouTube clips I am able to muster the strength to hold the phone on my own. Still, being curious I checked it out.

I headed over to the MovieWedge website and quickly realized it’s a beanbag. Just a beanbag with a $9.95 price tag. It doesn’t even come in any fancy colors or patterns. Hell, I made these things at sleep-away camp when I was a kid. For less work, you can head over to your local dollar store. Go crazy, buy two.

Maybe this company will sell a ton and can laugh at me all the way to the bank. But Inked Up is giving MovieWedge our special seal of “Worthless iPhone Accessory.”



Let the Madness begin

March 19, 2009

Today begins March Madness, one of my favorite times of year. I don’t watch much (any) college basketball during the regular season, but when the bracket comes out I am hooked. This is due in large part to the fact that I won a pool my first year by picking entirely on name association. If you’re like me and want to know who is playing at all times, the iPhone has some great options this year.

The CBS March Madness on Demand app lets you watch all of the tourney games live by streaming video on your iPhone. The app costs only $5 but you will need a Wi-Fi connection.

CBS Sports looks OK on the iPhone, but their NCAA section leaves something to be desired. It loads like the regular website and takes a lot of scrolling and resizing to get around. A much better option is the ESPN mobile website at espn.com.

But the best place to get your stats seems to be on Yahoo! Check out m.yahoo.com/ncaa (don’t forget the “m”) and you can get the latest scores, the tourney schedule, and even check out your Yahoo! bracket online.

Who will you be rooting for?
NCAA on Demand


Must have apps for SXSW Music Fest

March 19, 2009

The South by Southwest Music Festival started yesterday and runs through this Sunday. If you’re heading to Austin to hear some of the kick-ass bands, you should check out Wired’s five essential apps and iPhone-friendly sites first. We’ve listed them here with an abbreviated description:

1.) Bandloop – Free app that shows you a map of nearby gigs in whatever city you’re in. Use the GPS feature to see a map of your area with club markers. Each marker lists club info, upcoming bands, photos, descriptions and website links.

2.) JamBase – A free app created by the popular concert listing website. Login and filter through the database of live shows to see where your favorite bands are playing. When you find that can’t miss gig, tap the listing to see a map and e-mail the details to your friends.

3.) last.fm – The music site has created a tool called SXSW Band Aid. Login and get a personalized list of recommended shows. Add the ones you want to attend to your own personal calendar, e-mail the details or invite your last.fm friends, too.

4.) Sched.org – Head to sxsw2009.sched.org for an unofficial event listings. You can filter by date, view parties, and find concerts. It also finds free MP3 downloads for you.

5.) SonicLiving – A concert listing service with a special SXSW section. You can browse today’s shows by time, artist and venue. Login and you can build your own schedule, view friends schedules and invite friends to a show. Also connects you to Applandia’s free Taxi app to find an empty cab – good luck with that.




iPhone OS 3.0 Preview

March 18, 2009

Hats off to Tom Krazit of CNET who did a great job live blogging the Apple event yesterday. You can read his entire coverage here because it’s too lengthy to cut and paste into our blog.

Hey, speaking of cut and paste, it will be available on the iPhone OS 3.0! Kevin Rose’s leak turned out to be pretty accurate. Here are some of the 100 new features that got us excited:

— Apple will support several new app business models such as subscription and in-app purchasing
— Support of “seamless” peer-to-peer networking
— Turn-by-turn apps can be developed thanks to GPS technology (but they can’t use built-in Maps)
— More than 1,000 APIs will be available to developers
— Video-streaming tech will allow game highlights can be delivered to the iPhone, rather than pulled by the user
— MMS support (it’s about time!)

Also noteworthy is the fact that Apple has sold 30 million iPhone and iPod Touches through the end of 2008 and the App Store has seen 800 million downloads. Not too shabby! And even though there has been a lot of talk about the app approval process, Apple claims they have given the green light to 96% of submissions.

The update is schedule for “this summer” and is free to iPhone users, although not all upgrades (like MMS) will work on the original iPhone. iPod Touch users will have to pay $9.95.


Preview of iPhone OS Cut and Paste

March 16, 2009

Digg.com founder Kevin Rose has released a video he filmed at SXSW discussing the new iPhone 3.0 OS cut and paste feature. According to Kevin, you double tap on a word and the magnifying glass comes up with quotation marks at the beginning and end. You can then drag the quotes over the content that you want to manipulate and a pop up will give you the choice to copy, cut or paste.

Kevin said that his source told him the iPhone will match the capabilities of the Palm Pre, but did not give any specifics. Rumors suggested it might include MMS but Kevin shoots that idea down. He also says the iPhone will still not run background apps or have video capture.

You can check out PC World’s list of what the iPhone 3.0 OS should have here. What new features are you looking for?


Adrants reports on SXSW show

March 15, 2009

Adrants.com gives us a report on what’s being talked about at the SXSW show.

Saturday’s session at SXSW 2009 on Emerging Trends in Mobile gave audience members food for thought and panelists a run for their money.

The heavily international crowd (which included an estimated 25 percent non-American attendants) seemed to be, from a show of hands, a well-informed group with a good number of mobile developers in attendance.

Topics ranged from better device-charging solutions to developing for devices that come closer to standard Internet browsing every year. All in all, it was given that WAP technology is dead, fully Flash-enabled devices are the next step, image recognition capabilities and more detailed location-based information are crucial, and the idea that you’d have to actually plug a device into an outlet for any reason is becoming increasingly laughable