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MovieWedge: the glorified bean bag

March 20, 2009

On Twitter today (are you on? follow me @Lindsey651) I saw someone giving away a MovieWedge “iPhone stand.” I have never had the need for a stand, but I also don’t watch movies on the iPhone. And when watching YouTube clips I am able to muster the strength to hold the phone on my own. Still, being curious I checked it out.

I headed over to the MovieWedge website and quickly realized it’s a beanbag. Just a beanbag with a $9.95 price tag. It doesn’t even come in any fancy colors or patterns. Hell, I made these things at sleep-away camp when I was a kid. For less work, you can head over to your local dollar store. Go crazy, buy two.

Maybe this company will sell a ton and can laugh at me all the way to the bank. But Inked Up is giving MovieWedge our special seal of “Worthless iPhone Accessory.”



Diamonds are a Phone’s Best Friend

March 2, 2009

This one is filed under “Worthless iPhone Accessories.” I don’t think I really need to explain why.

Peter Aloisson has created a diamond encrusted iPhone case. Here are the specs:

Made of solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. A fabulous combination. The white gold line is encrusted with a total of 138 brilliant cut diamonds of the best quality. But the main feature of this one-of-a-kind phone is it’s “home button”. It carries a rare 6.6 carat diamond. Integrated in the design as if this diamond has been made for “taking you home”

Number of diamonds: approx. 139
Frame / Diamond weight: approx. 5.50
Diamond quality: small diamonds – best quality with color F
“Home button” / Diamond weight: single diamond with 6.6 carats, rare beauty with history.

The price tag for this little beauty: EUR $1.79 Million.

In case you weren't already worried about having your iPhone jacked walking home late at night

In case you weren't already worried about having your iPhone jacked walking home late at night


100+ free sports apps

February 6, 2009

Of course you know what we think: most of these are worthless. More worthless iPhone apps. But they are free and sports related so we’ll cut them some slack. So yeah, this guy lists 100+ free sports apps.

Why are some of these worthless? Because many of them allow to get the schedule for your favorite team. You know what else let’s me do that? The internet.

Check them out anyway just so we can feel useful.


New Category: Worthless iPhone accessories

January 22, 2009

I came up with a new category for the blog when I saw this. Who in the hell needs a carved hand to hold your phone? I got a great new accessory to hold my phone. It’s called a desk, and it works perfectly. I set the phone down on it, and it stays there.

But if your desk isn’t properly keeping your phone from hitting the floor, there is this.